Thursday, 22 May 2008

Chelsea Flower Show

So my feet are still aching but I had such a wonderful time yesterday. We travelled down on the 7.25am from Stafford stopping at Nuneaton and then straight through to Euston Station. Then it was onto the tube to Victoria and onto the District line into Sloane Square which blew me away, its so gorgeous and regal...a short walk and we arrived at the gates.

The thing that strikes you as you see the first Show Garden is how small they are in real life compared to seeing them on television, camera trickery is certainly alive and kicking at the BBC, who I managed to catch rehearsing for the lunch time show in a garden named Real Life by Brett.

At dinner we had a very splendid picnic hamper which contained firstly ham & chicken salad, smoked salmon, cheese & biscuits, strawberries and cream followed my white wine with sparkling very swish all eaten while listening to the music from the bandstand.

So I suppose you want to see some photos from the day, well here goes starting with Royal Hospital.

The first garden I came across just had to be Marshalls lol, and here is their wonderful snake which was sculpted on site by one of the employees...talented lot!!

The Marshalls Garden That Kids Want - Ian Dexter - Silver

OK I didn't like it and nor did many others, but had to take a photo just because lol.

The Oceanic Garden - Diarmuid Gavin & Sir Terence Conrad - Bronze

Flowers from one of my favourite gardens.

The Bupa Garden - Cleve West - Gold

The BBC getting ready for the 12.30pm show with Nicky Chapman, Andy Sturgeon and Chris Collins.

And this was the garden they were filming from.

Real Life by Brett - Geoffrey Whiten - Bronze

The Daily Telegraph garden was quite the crowd pleaser.

The Daily Telegraph - Arabella Lennox-Boyd - Gold

Now controversy loomed its head over Andy Sturgeon's garden between me and Mom, I love it especially the wall and, yeah you've guessed it, Mom hated it...I think its her age!!!

The Cancer Research UK Garden - Andy Sturgeon - Gold

Next is The Lauren Perrier Garden, which won Best in Show...its a nice garden but I would have awarded Best in Show to Bupa (more pics to follow on that garden).

The Lauren Perrier Garden - Tom Stuart Smith - Gold/Best in Show

And finally, this gorgeous little small garden. Its a home for a hobbit and words fail you when you see it in real life, its tiny but perfectly formed (more pics on this to follow).

How cute is that, a little door complete with lock and window for the hobbit to look out of :)

Well, I have plenty more photographs so if you're not bored yet pop back tomorrow and see more wonderful gardens from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.


Amanda said...

Wow some fab photos there looks like you had a great day

Inspiration Alley said...

Beautiful gardens and stunning photography. It's amazing what they create in such a small space, but a large budget helps.

dddeeebbbzzz said...

What an amazing day! The gardens are beautiful, as are your photos. Did you see the George Harrison garden? A friend of mine was raving about it.

Cass said...

Gorgeous photos.Looks like you had a fabby day.

Cass xxx

jo said...

Superb photos - I would love to go one day. Look forward to seeing more.

Shirley said...

Great set of photos, no wonder you feet ache !!!

Tinkerbelle said...

Just love the photo's lloks like a good day was had by all xxx

Anonymous said...

that is a gorgeous show of flowers!

West Bremerton flowers

mandijane said...

Wow I remember you getting the tickets for this......what amazing gardens......great photos too.....more more more

Enfys said...

Great pic! Glad you enjoyed it.

voodoo vixen said...

Fabulous pics and what a treat to be able to go to it.... guess I can dream eh? ;)

Pinky said...

Thanks for taking the time to upload your pics Claire.......I'm afraid I'm with your mum on the "wall"...I'm a worn & weathered red brick kinda girl!!

Pat xxx

Sandra at Gotta Craft said...

oh wow .... see I had every right to be jealous LOL. Gorgeous photography Claire - you should send some of those photo's in the RHS and the BBC.