Friday, 23 May 2008

Chelsea Flower Show - Part 2

Hello again, I apologise in advance cos I've got so many photos I want to showcase, so for anyone who doesn't want to see anymore away now :)

Well here are a few more photos from Cancer Research garden designed by Andy Sturgeon, I still love this one and it had so many angles and interesting plants, very green and very junglesque.

Now George Harrison's wife designed her first garden with Yvonne Innes and it really is remarkable, it was hard to get photos of this as so many people were camped out by it, honestly there was so much to see it was just awe inspiring and the image she included...totally wow.

From Life to Life - Yvonne Innes & Olivia Harrison - Silver Gilt (deserved a Gold)

For a bit of fun from the small gardens, we have this which was hard to photograph trying to get everything in and missing out all the people, so I decided to concentrate on the Vesper.

Urban Rain By Bamboo - Bob Latham - Bronze

Another small garden was The Sky At Night framed by the circle with the telescope, really pretty but again hard to photograph without getting in distractions.

The Sky At Night - Barry Maylad - Gold

Now what can I say about the Australian Garden, it was brilliant and they have this infinity pool and will not tell anyone how they created it but fair play to them it looked absolutely stunning and of course, like all Australians the guy giving out the information was quite a character...look out for a cheeky shot of him posing for me!!!

Flemmings & Trailfinder's Austrailian Garden - Jamie Durie - Gold

This small garden I like because I think its pretty achievable for anyone of us not blessed with a huge garden and like the simpler things in life.

Green Living - Phillippa Probert - Bronze
That's it for today, but hey I have more...that wasn't a groan was it lol xxx


Shirley said...

Brilliant set of photos love the sky at night photo :)

louise said...

fantastic pics Claire, Craig is very impressed that you took a shot of a vespa :)

mandijane said...

wow....i'll never tire of garden photos......fab.

Jay said...

The photos are fab, I'd love to go to Chelsea - maybe one day, heyho!

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Great photos of the gardens. I've never been to the Flower Show, as I'm not a keen gardener, but it actually looks fun! Thanks for the photos of the George Harrison garden.