Saturday, 28 November 2009


Its been a while again but truthfully I have been busy scrapping but its for GottaCraft and the majority I can't share until December.
I've also been busy with a few CJs so I thought I'd share those.
First up is Favourite Building in your Town - I decided on St. Josephs RC Church, mainly because its the only Church I go to and then I have to be forced through the doors kicking and screaming lol, nevertheless it is beautiful.

Next is 1997 - Anything relating to the year, not a hard choice as Labour won the General Election that year promising a New Britain, hmmm least said about that the better.

Finally, one of my favourites If I Were... - A cool theme and for those that know me it really wasn't going to be a hard choice.

Also I made my youngest his Christmas card from the new Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses range.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

One Teenager

Happy Birthday to my eldest son who has today turned into a teenager, heaven help me.
One lucky lad to have a brand new Sony Ericcson mobile which I have to say is rather swish in a metallic blue finish and has been firmly planted in his palm since he opened it, result.

When would be a good time to tell him his tariff with Orange is MONKEY!