Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Its been a while but I've been tagged again by Debbie and so I now have to bore the pants off you with 7 random facts about me, bet you can't wait lol.

1. I'm a Pisces and I'm terrified of open water...go figure!!

2. I collected erasers when I was little and had a big biscuit tin full of all different shapes.

3. I love gardening albeit I suffer from hayfever.

4. I shake when I see an ant within inches of me.

5. I'm a neat freak and have to have everything in its place including the husband lol.

6. I'm a serious gamer when I'm not scrapping, blog hopping or gardening.

7. I'm extremely outspoken and will always tell you the truth...be warned!!

So who do I inflict my tag onto....hmm I'm going to attack my fellow team mates, a couple of very special blogging friends and the crafter's of Gotta Chat over on UKS who need something to do other than tap for the May kit lol.
  • Kirsty the chomping Dairy Milk addict lol.

  • Pat who has the gorgeous Minooch (check her blog) to play with.

  • Helen whose new to blogging and needs an excuse to keep on blogging.

  • Kate my very first blogging friend whose very talented.

  • MJ what can I say about MJ, a great friend who I'm glad I found.

  • Vix is my pregnant team mate who is expecting a little girl in June.

  • Jacqui is my robo helper and another team mate who makes gorgeous cards.

Well, that's me done...take care and don't forget to check out Monday for the challenge xxx

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Sneaky Peek of UKS Weekly Challenge

Oh yes, Blooming Pages (my fab team) over on UKS are hosting the weekly challenge on the 5th May. I'm hoping all you onlookers might give it a go :)

I must admit when we first starting bouncing ideas around there was one that I really liked the idea of because it was different but totally terrified me...now you're wondering aren't you lol. Anyway I stuck with it and, like everything, thoroughly enjoyed it.

So if you fancy having a go, then please pop by UKS Inspirations & Challenges, look forward to checking out your layouts, take care xxx

Friday, 18 April 2008

Hayfever, Plants & Me

Many of you know I've been having a little teething trouble this past fortnight, hopefully I'm now on the mend, albeit I still have to suck the chocolate till it melts lol.

Anyway, Mom popped down yesterday morning and bought this lovely plant to cheer me up, of course it worked, I just adore my plants. I have this affinity with plants and gardening. I often sit and contemplate where my obsession came from considering I was born with horrendous Hayfever and yet nothing gives me more pleasure, apart from scrapping, than mowing the lawn, doing the weeding and tending to the plants...ironic really, or does fate throw a cruel hand occasionally, if so...get ready to catch fate, right back at ya :)

I'm off to the greatest flower show on earth next month and if I get through that day with the odd sneeze, then I'm living proof that you can win the war against Hayfever, just takes determination and not to fade and wilt indoors.

It also helps if you have a good Chemist and Herbalist, determination is nothing without a little help :) xxx

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Extraction Alley!

It appears every time I go back to the Dentist another tooth has to be pulled from my jaw and today was no exception. The Dentist also thinks the reason I am in so much pain from the wisdom extraction is because its got an infection, so I've had that socket rinsed out with very unpleasant tasting Iodine...whatever next in my mini saga!! Stay tuned because I'm back again on Monday and I'm pretty sure if I was a betting person....I'll be minus another tooth lol.

I did manage to do some scrapping last night, albeit its Birthday photos and I can't do Birthday layouts, they just don't gel for me. This is my youngest celebrating his 5th Birthday in 2006. I used the new Basic Grey Cupcake range, added in some streamers made from the In Stitch'z templates...wait for it, the title was cut on my Craft Robo...first attempt, so not bad. The badge was what he had on one of his cards and he's actually wearing it in the photo, its one of those ghastly holographic ones but I thought it was nice to incorporate something he had worn all day even at School, after all that is why we scrap.

Thanks for popping by, take care xxx

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

It's Been A Week!!

And I'm still in complete agony with my teeth. I know it took some moving but nevertheless I am taking Ibuprofen and Paracetamol every 2 hours alternatively but nothing seems to relieve the pain and discomfort. Luckily for me I have another appointment tomorrow morning for a filling the other side, so fingers crossed maybe tomorrow they can get to the root, ahem, of the problem. Failing that I'm asking for a set of false teeth that I can pop in a glass beside the bed at night, how very attractive lol.

Anyway, here are a couple of layouts I did for April's Gotta Craft kit (now sold out) which was all K&Co. While I loved the papers and the brads are to die for, it did have me stumped for a while until I found a cute photo of an otter I took last year at Chester Zoo and then found this super duper posing shot of my boys and wow they make my heart sing, com'on I'm allowed to be biased...they are handsome :)

Let me know what you think :) xxx

Too Cute!!

Picture Perfect

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


OK I'll admit I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to teeth, I've had bad toothache for sometime now and really loathe paying Dentist bills when I can spend it on stash or chocolate. Sadly the pain became too much to bear so I took a trip to the Dentist today...little did I know that when I went in a 11.40am I wouldn't actually see daylight again until 2.30pm!!

A troublesome wisdom tooth that had to be extracted but wasn't about to budge without a fight, I've had several injections, lots of pushing and shoving and still nothing, then I was told I might have to go to Hospital at which point I was praying in the lying down position that it would bloody drop out, eventually after more injections, drilled in half and then each root extracted individually it was out, so my mouth is a little tender tonight...but I am pain free which is a huge relief, and now I have no wisdom teeth left...which is apparently because my jaw is too small for them to fit in...something my husband finds rather amusing, can't think why lol.

To console myself, my new Kipling handbag arrived and its totally gorgeous and I love it, I've got to get another one for going to the flower show, a girls got to look her best :)


Thursday, 3 April 2008

Its Arrived

  • Yes, my gorgeous new Craft Robo arrived promptly this morning, which is why I'm making this post quick so I can go and install it on the laptop, will have to do the desktop another day as Jay has to rearrange all the sockets.
  • Quick knock at the door and whooo hoooo my new Canon 400D with extra lenses has just been delivered, what is a girl to play with first.
  • Just in case you're wondering if I won the lottery, the answer is no, but I'm still planning on winning it, my Grandad passed away (don't be sorry, he had a good life and died at aged 87) in February and he made a few provisions for me and the boys and said before his passing that I was to have fun and treat myself and that's exactly what I'm doing...he used to say about me 'if that girl had money in her pocket it would burn a bloody hole in it' he was quite right, I don't save and spend whatever is left in my Bank account and more if I can get away with it lol.
  • Two cards I made last night, first one is made from DCWV Birthday stack and my freebie embossing folder which I've chalked up and added Sakura for the sugar strands and a nice burgundy ribbon for added punch.

Second one is made using some scraps of Basic Grey Two Scoops, same embossing folder only this time I sanded the image away to reveal the white core of the cardstock, added a ribbon and hey presto, two cards all ready for posting onto friends :)

Right I really must go and play xxx

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Stash & Sneaks

My postman finally arrived at 1.30pm to bring this gorgeous selection of Basic Grey goodies including Sugared, Cupcake and Archaic with matching rub-ons for the last two, nice :)

Yesterday I had my new Cuttlebug delivered, had a little play with the free embossing folders but I'm waiting until the ones I ordered lastnight turn up with my Craft Robo, yessss I have finally ordered it and had confirmation its on its way today...absolutely bloody brilliant :)

And for those waiting and ahem, tapping...here are a few sneaky peeps for April's Gotta Craft kit, oooh I can hear the groans and moans now lol xxx

Sneaky Peep Number 1...

Sneaky Peep Number 2...