Friday, 1 February 2008

Sneaky Peep

Now I'm teasing all those waiting for the Gotta Craft February kit, so here's a teeny weeny peep at the layout I did lastnight, don't blink or you might miss it :)

Now sit tight and be patient lol xxx


louise said...

Aw thats looks a good kit for me pink and girly, just reading your blog and bopping along to your music xx

Kate said...

Glad you're feline better Claire! I am so fed up with being ill as well - roll on spring!! (This is my least favourite time of year - I loathe taking down the Christmas lights, and then I sulk in the darkness for several weeks!)
Looking forward to seeing the rest of your LO. Have a great weekend! xx

Jane said...

Oooo your such a tease, I can't wait to see the rest of the LO.

Pleased your on the mend and feeling stronger now Claire

Gem said...

Are you kidding me! Thats all the sneeky we get! Really looking forward to it!

Vix Kennedy said...

OMG How weird!!! I have been looking everywhere for that Happiness stamp recently as I wanted to know what font it is!