Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Mr Moody

How cool is this...

At my youngest son's School they've been discovering Mr Men even though we met them many, many years ago, anyway they were asked to write a story and design their very own Mr Men and that was the result, I think its modelled on his dad!!

I also went to the NEC on Saturday with a good friend and we had such a fantastic time giggling together and picking out which stamps I should buy and which ones she should, and between us we kept the Hobby Association in work for another couple of months!

My lovely husband surprised me with the Big Shot at the end of the day, he knew I wanted one from the last time I went but I talked myself out of it saying my Cuttlebug will suffice but honestly its green, ugly and just won't do...sorry Bug users :(

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Clare said...

Happy Birthday Claire, have a lovely day x