Friday, 12 December 2008

Days 8 & 9...And Still Behind!!

I blame the cough for falling behind...its back with a vengeance today!!

Day 8 - 'Can You See What I Can' namely all things around you turning Christmassy how things take on a whole new look at this time of year. I just took some photos of things I've got around the house, there are lots of houses around the Crescent with lights up but its just too darn cold to venture out :)

Day 9 - 'Traditions' and we certainly have a few of those that we do every year. Also the journalling had to be hidden away from prying eyes. My traditions are...

Always unless its raining have an early morning walk on Cannock Chase.

Take the Escort for a nice car wash and hoover, our present to the car!!

Open our family cards together.

Split into teams and make up the Puzz 3D baubles for the tree upstairs.

Play carpet ten pin bowling in the evening with Santa/Snowman pins and a Christmas pud for the ball.

Christmas Day Traditions

Have a nice coffee and Jay has a big bowl size mug of tea in beds while its still peaceful.

And now its time for me to go and get the rest of the pages finished.
Claire xxx

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Sandra at Gotta Craft said...

Truely gorgeous - you're going to have a beautiful memory to look back on with this journal