Monday, 15 December 2008

Days 10 & 11...And Even Further Behind Now!!

Yes its cold has really taken a hold now and my nose is as blocked as the M42 at rush hour so I'm now way behind but I've finished work for Christmas now so I hope to have an afternoon of playing catching up this week, hopefully!!

Day 10 - 'Wrapping' the job I'm always keen on doing until it actually comes round to doing it and by the time I've finished I've lost all interest and most corner become round lol. I made little parcels with the wrapping that the boys presents are wrapped in and tied with little bows.

Day 11 - 'Christmas Tree' and I love my artificial one that stands tall in the corner decked out in co-ordinated baubles which in turn match my living room decor.

That's it for today and only 10 more sleeps until that magical moment :)

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