Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Its been a while but I've been tagged again by Debbie and so I now have to bore the pants off you with 7 random facts about me, bet you can't wait lol.

1. I'm a Pisces and I'm terrified of open water...go figure!!

2. I collected erasers when I was little and had a big biscuit tin full of all different shapes.

3. I love gardening albeit I suffer from hayfever.

4. I shake when I see an ant within inches of me.

5. I'm a neat freak and have to have everything in its place including the husband lol.

6. I'm a serious gamer when I'm not scrapping, blog hopping or gardening.

7. I'm extremely outspoken and will always tell you the truth...be warned!!

So who do I inflict my tag onto....hmm I'm going to attack my fellow team mates, a couple of very special blogging friends and the crafter's of Gotta Chat over on UKS who need something to do other than tap for the May kit lol.
  • Kirsty the chomping Dairy Milk addict lol.

  • Pat who has the gorgeous Minooch (check her blog) to play with.

  • Helen whose new to blogging and needs an excuse to keep on blogging.

  • Kate my very first blogging friend whose very talented.

  • MJ what can I say about MJ, a great friend who I'm glad I found.

  • Vix is my pregnant team mate who is expecting a little girl in June.

  • Jacqui is my robo helper and another team mate who makes gorgeous cards.

Well, that's me done...take care and don't forget to check out Monday for the challenge xxx


dddeeebbbzzz said...

If you ever feel you need second garden to work on feel free to use mine! I'll make sure there are no ants!

Kate said...

Hey Claire. I shall enjoy doing this, and will as soon as I possibly can. So, you're a serious gamer are you?! Me, too! I love a good game. Cake Mania anyone? Seriously, what's your Vice? (I'm a Nintendo freak)

Pinky said...

Your outrageous Claire!! LOL

nad thank you so very much for tagging me.....NOT!!! LOL

Now get on with planning your June kit!!

Bagpuss said...

EEEK now who do I tag!!!!! OK off to do mine now!