Sunday, 2 March 2008

Bah Mumbug

BAH MUM-BUG...That's exactly how my Mother's Day has turned out, what better way to show me that I am a Mom to two boys than by being sick since Friday evening and also having the dreaded 'd' which I refuse to write in full because its a nasty, nasty word lol. Yes I feel like I've gone through half a gallon of antibacteria spray, run up a huge water bill and not forgetting the bin filled with kitchen roll, bless these little creatures of mine!!

In light of that I did have some presents thrown at me in between toilet runs, namely some chocolates and a lovely Kitten book by Rachael Hale, which I will share with you another day.

My fellow blogger and friend MJ has kindly made my night which is fab, Mandijane awarded me the 'You Make My Day' award and I'm chuffed to bits that my mad cap world makes someone smile, although I think the playlist helped lol. I was so fed up tonight so thank you, love ya hun :) xx

I wonder who will be the lucky bloggers who 'Make My Day' I think it should be sent straight back to MJ but who will be the other 8 :) xxx

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mandijane said...

awwww glad that it made you smile chick