Saturday, 28 November 2009


Its been a while again but truthfully I have been busy scrapping but its for GottaCraft and the majority I can't share until December.
I've also been busy with a few CJs so I thought I'd share those.
First up is Favourite Building in your Town - I decided on St. Josephs RC Church, mainly because its the only Church I go to and then I have to be forced through the doors kicking and screaming lol, nevertheless it is beautiful.

Next is 1997 - Anything relating to the year, not a hard choice as Labour won the General Election that year promising a New Britain, hmmm least said about that the better.

Finally, one of my favourites If I Were... - A cool theme and for those that know me it really wasn't going to be a hard choice.

Also I made my youngest his Christmas card from the new Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses range.

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