Monday, 18 August 2008

Playin' with Fancy Pants

Well this can only mean one thing, I've been scrapbooking. I have and its the design work I did for Gotta Craft's August kit which featured Fancy Pants Designs, Celebration.

She did it to me again, terrified me with the kit. There are two things I don't like scrapping, Christmas and Birthdays because they always end up looking the same so again filled with fear and dread I limped to the printer and there I had a light bulb idea...I would do one Birthday layout because its the theme of the papers and another one completely irrelevant.

So I did and ended up having a complete hissy fit at the printer trying to work out how to do the block printing (Chelsea layout) on Word, on screen it looked fine with all the borders the same yet every time I printed it, it closed the border between the top two photos...aarrrgh. Jay finally came to my rescue (I think purely because he feared for his life if he didn't calm the situation lol) by adding text in between and changing it to white. Now I know there is bound to be an easier way but I was just relieved it finally worked after the ink and paper I had wasted.
Here we go then the layouts and a small card I made while waiting for something to dry.

Until next time xxx


Sue said...

Great Lo's :)

Shirley said...

Gorgeous LO's and well done on getting those borders sorted :)

Linda Elbourne said...

Fab LO's ... the top one is my absolute fave - love it X

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Fab LOs. I love the colours on the RHS LO. I often use the white text on white to make spaces when the printer won't play nicely.

Charlol said...

Love the LO's and never thought of using text between, much easier than using tables in word!!!!