Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Top Ten

I wonder if you were asked this question for a CJ what would your Top 10 be...I mulled around with men, films and songs but everytime the list grew beyond 10 and I couldn't make up my mind which to ditch and to keep lol. Eventually while cleaning the windows I had an idea, my Top 10 of Stash, there are certain things that always seem to make an appearance on my layouts and it meant no photographs as my Epson is crying out for a drink but at £32 a time it can die of dehydration for the time being lol.

So theme picked, just need the embellishments which I decided to keep red, black and white and I have lots of red because its just the best colour ever invented. I choose in no particular order...blossoms, PP, Bazzill, punches, stamps, ribbons, rub-ons, brads, buttons and sewing...I just hope the owner approves of my choices.

Here it is in its glory, I do love the red, black and white combo.

Right I have a meeting at the High School in a bit for when my eldest goes in September, quite looking forward to going as last time I walked through the corridors it was in 1989 :o I loved my School years especially High School so I only hope Kyle has as much fun as I did.

I've also slow roasted at the School Sports Day today, well worth it as they both came home champions and I escaped the dreaded Parents sprint, well I say sprint it was more like a slow crawl lol.

Enjoy the sunshine, its bloody gorgeous isn't it :) xxx


Jay said...

Gorgeous CJ entry. I agree, a difficult choice. The colour scheme you've used is fab.

mandijane said...

Gotta a cheap ebay link to epsom print cartridges......want it?

dddeeebbbzzz said...

Stunning CJ entry. I love the red / black / white colour combo. Don't you just hate it when the printer runs out of ink?!

Sandra at Gotta Craft said...

So much fun and interest there to have a look at. Love it